Gary Goodman is the Instructor Trainer, First Aid Instructor, and Repair Technician at Underwater Adventures. His background and experience can be attributed to his dedication to more than 19 years of service in the United States Navy.  After reading the book Shadow Divers, Gary’s desire to become involved in the dive community became apparent in 2010.  He successfully received his Divemaster and Instructor qualifications through NAUI in 2018.  Gary received recognition as a NAUI Instructor Trainer in 2021.  Gary's knowledge, patience, and attention to detail have led him to become a valuable asset to the team at Underwater Adventures. 

Vice President

Christine Shourot, Owner of Underwater Adventures, is one of the first female pioneers in the diving industry, having influenced both the recreational and commercial diving fields.  Her dedication and reliability have enabled the dive companies that she managed to progress and flourish.  Her patience and persistence and drive have supported Bob Shourot in his many diving firsts since the early 70's, and Chris continues to support the growth and popularity of both the recreational and commercial diver training programs. 


Dennis Pollmeier has always been fascinated by the ocean. From his early days spent in Ocean City every summer, he felt the calling. It was a major factor in his decision to join the Navy fresh out of high school in 1997. Thankfully, his wife recognized his fascination, and signed him up for his basic open water as a birthday present. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t realize how deep the underwater addiction would sink its teeth in ~~ his dream to one day dive the WW II wrecks that litter the Mediterranean, dive Bimini Road, and see the Yonaguni Monument off of Japan. He looks forward to seeing all of you at HRDC club dives, and one day finally getting down to the U-352!

Public Affairs 

Alonzo Ferguson is sincerely happy to be appointed as HRDC’s Public Affairs Officer. Alonzo is a United States Army Veteran. having served 6 years and completed four deployments overseas. In 2017, while deployed in Egypt, he had the opportunity to dive in the Red Sea. Alonzo immediately fell in love with diving and knew that he wanted to learn more and continue diving when he returned home.  After completing his service in the army, he went to school to get his certifications as a welder, fitter, and fabricator. When Alonzo learned that he could combine his hobby with his new skills, he enrolled in a commercial dive school and has never looked back. With Alonzo's passion and experience in recreational, commercial, and professional diving, he will do his best to be an asset to the club and be a resource for all those who love diving as he does.

Event Coordinator